What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This simply means the process involved in driving traffic to your website from free, natural, editorial and organic sources. If the optimization is properly done, your website will be easily visible to popular search engines, like Yahoo, Bing and Google. Such visibility ensures that more traffic can be driven to your website, which will further promote the products and services that you have to offer on the said website. The results of the optimization are largely determined by the quality content of the website. The search engines select among the local listings, contents, images and videos on your website and rank them according to their importance to the visitors. The process is more or less a free means of driving traffic to your website.
Elements of search engine optimization.

SEO is composed of both the creative and technical elements. These elements are essential for the increase in awareness of the search engine for your website, increase in traffic generation and improvement in ranking. The contents on your website and the backlinks to the website are very important aspects to consider. With this process, you can easily structure your website in such a way that search engines can understand. The process involved enables you to build a website that is SEO-friendly and also make the website user-friendly. You can also use either On-Site Optimization or Off-Site Optimization techniques.

Why you need SEO

Most internet users access websites via search engines, making it the primary means of locating websites. Social media is one other means of searching websites. This alone indicates one of the reasons to take website optimization very serious. The type of traffic generated by search engines is targeted traffic; that is, it brings in people that are searching for the particular information you have on your website. You will be missing out of lot of traffic and opportunities if the major search engines do not add your website to their data base, making them unable to find your website when the potential visitors comes to make a search online. There is no better way to increase exposure, revenue generation and publicity for your website than via the targeted traffic obtained through search engines.

Search queries

Search queries talks about the particular set of words used in searching for the quality content on the website via search engines. These set of words are highly valuable and they must be used very carefully. The search queries are also referred to as keywords; this is why the use of the right keywords in your web content is very important. Your website and its content can only be located if the search queries are in close proximity to the keywords of the content on your website. This is why the use of keywords can make or mar the progress of your online businesses or engagements. Before you use any type of keyword on your website, you need to conduct investigation on keyword popularity. You should only opt for those keywords that are used most by people searching the internet in your chosen niche. This way, you can get the most of search engines.

Choosing the right keywords is a very important aspect of website optimization. Only trained experts can get it done right, hence the need to employ an expert for this purpose. Every dime you invest into SEO is money well spent.

How Search Works

Your website needs to be visible to search engines for it to be easily located. It is true that search engines are very smart; be that as it may, they still need some help from the website owners. Many of the major search engines are always making efforts to improve the effectiveness of their search engines to generate better results for end users.

Doing your optimization properly ensures that you can get the right results from your effort, leading to the generation of thousands of visitors. Wrong application of SEO, on the other hand, can get your website “buried” on the internet, making it difficult for search engines to locate the site. If the optimization is done properly, your website ranking will be boosted a great deal and your website can be placed where potential visitors can find it more easily. The competition on the internet is increasing by the day and only those websites with good SEO can stand with their heads above water in this sea of competition.

Backlinks building

You can achieve a lot with links building. Backlinks are very important Google’s algorithms that can drive huge traffic to your website. The beauty of it is that they work on autopilot. You can successfully drive your website to the top of search engines by including the right backlinks in the web content. The main purpose of link building is nothing other than web optimization. Be that as it may, they have been found to be beneficial for several other purposes. While building links for your website, it is important to avoid spammy link building techniques, which may cause Google to penalize you.

How Google+ can help with rankings

Many see Google+ as just another social media platform, but it is far more than that. This is undoubtedly one of the most powerful weapons for optimizing your website. To improve your web ranking via Google+, you need to optimizes your Google+ page for search ranking; it will not take you long to complete this. Include optimized title, custom page URL and Meta Description. Next, post content on your Google+ page to increase your number of followers.

Doing it yourself

You should understand that website optimization is highly complex. Be that as it may, you should be able to handle the basic aspects of it by yourself. The little amount of understanding you have about the entire process can mean a lot at the end of the day, but you will only be limited regarding how far you can go, especially when it comes to the complex aspects. You can also get free information about every aspect of web optimization, including the complex aspects online. In addition, you should have the willingness to learn and also be committed to the learning process. Furthermore, you should spare the time to carry out the process. If you find the SEO process too time-consuming for your liking, you can easily involve trained experts who can help get the job done. Before you employ any professional for the task, find out if they offer broad optimization services or if they are focused on specific aspect of the entire process. Even if you will end up employing an expert to get things done on your behalf, it is still very important that you have an understanding of the basics.

Helpful SEO tips

Below, you will be given some tips about search engine optimization that can help get the job done faster if you insist on doing it by yourself instead of employing a professional for the purpose.

  • It is not right to put a blog at the root page of your domain. This is because you may want something besides a blog later. It will enable you to get more links since people prefer to link to main blog page and main page.
  • If the blog on which the optimization would be done is being built on WordPress, do not name your directory as WordPress; instead, name it as “blog”. Naming it as WordPress may hinder you if you decide to change the software you are using in the future. Naming it as blog, on the other hand, will make it easy to upgrade the website in the future.
  • Keyword tools can be of help if you do not have much idea about how to generate targeted keywords. Good examples of keyword tools you can use are Overture/Yahoo and AdWords. The keyword tools will give you an idea of the search volume of each of these keywords.
  • You can equally use categories that are good keywords when selecting the right keywords to use.
  • The best keyword URL path is the one having dash between the words making up the keywords. The next best is the one having underscores. Keywords without space between the words are not helpful at all.
  • When choosing the right keywords, think of what the prospective visitor will type when searching for information in your niche. Make sure these suggested words are included in your web content.
  • Never forget to include ALT tags too. 3 to 4 relevant words will be ok, as it promotes the location of your web contents by the prospective visitor.
  • Videos, images and the rest should also be included.
  • It is important for your website to be crawlable
  • Ensure that the dates you create each of the posts are included and make sure the dates are easy to find.
    Find out if your blog or website is mobile-compatible. Carry out the check on iPhone and other types of phone before launching.
  • You can make your end users more loyal if you include full-text RSS feeds on the website. You can also get good results by using partial feeds, but the results are not as good as what you get with full-text RSS feeds.
    It is important for your blog to do standard pings.

Some free Google tools for SEO

Google has several free tools that your website can benefit from and some of them are highlighted below.

  • Google Analytics
  • AdSense
  • Custom Search Engine
  • Feedburner
  • Webmaster console

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