What Features are Important on a Website?

It is one thing to build a website and it is another thing to build it right. There are some imperative things you just must include in your website during website design to get the desired result from such a website. You will be enlightened about these paramount things below.

  • Make the design eye-catching
    website design must be done in an eye-catching way to attract your visitors and make them stay glued to the website. The first impression lasts very long. An eye-catching website gives your clients magnificent first impression about you and your business. The very first thing that gets a man attracted to a woman is her physical beauty, and how beautiful the lady is can make the man to either stay on or move on. The same rule applies when it come to website design. The website must not look irritating or dull. At the same time, it must not look too flashy. An excessively flashy website can become a put-off.
  • Easy navigation
    One other thing that makes a prospective client remain glued to your website is how easy it is to navigate the website this must be put into consideration during website design. The interface of your website must be user-friendly. It must also be very easy to understand. Give your visitors these treats, and they will always stay faithful to your website and its content. Make sure you insist on this with your web designer. The links on your website must be placed in a way that the user will not get irritated because they cannot easily decipher where the links are. Never confuse your visitors when they visit the website lest they run away and never come back. This is why the design job must be given only to a professional web designer. If it is an eCommerce website, for example, make sure the purpose is clear from the onset and make certain the payment links are clearly defined. In fact, make sure the payment link is presented boldly and clearly where the client can easily see it.
  • Proper content
    The content on your website must be right too to get the desired result from the website. Never play with the content on your website if you do not want to lose your visitors. Tell your web designer and webmaster how often you want the content to be updated and insist on quality content at all times. Once the visitor gets disappointed, he/she may never come back to your website anymore. Make sure the content is informative and focused. Make your purpose and intention known. Visitors want content that will provide answers to their questions without any ambiguity. They will always come back if your website turns out to be as informative as they have expected.
  • Contact information
    WordPress and other blogs already have a template for each section you may want to include on your website, including contact section. They, therefore, make it very easy to include such information, considering how vital such information is on a website. Make sure your contact information is clearly spelled on the website. This will increase the confidence of the visitor to your website. Website visitors will like to contact you about the information they see on your website or about products you are selling on the website if it is an eCommerce website.
    If you do not want to lose that visitor or that sale, make sure your contact information is provided on the website. The contact information should include details, like phone number, email address, and physical address. Besides, you can include a link that leads to special contact form too. Make sure such a link is presented in a way the client can easily access it and use it to contact you. Properly organized contact information will make your visitors and clients see you as a responsible and supportive. Aside from wordpress, you can also get properly arranged templates from other blogs.
  • Search option
    Search option makes it easy for the visitor to get desired information from your website. For example of your website contain information on diverse subjects, the visitor can use the search option on the website to get the specific information he/she is looking for. This will improve on how user-friendly your website is, and it will also increase visitors’ faithfulness to your website. WordPress and virtually all other blogs make this feature available to visitors. This feature is very important on all websites, even ecommerce website. Either Content Management System or Google Search can be used for this purpose.
  • Sign-up form
    You need to also include a sign-up form on your website to make it more functional. There are wordpress plug-ins that make this very easy. All you need to do is install the plug-in and start using it without any hassle. They are very easy to install. When designing the sign-up form, make sure the visitor can find all the necessary links and fields to make the process very easy. Proper presentation of the signup form will ensure you do not lose your visitors to your competitors.
  • Web browser compatibility
    You must impress it on your web designer that they should make the website compatible with all web browsers, both on PC and mobile. Your website must run properly on virtually all web browsers if you are to gain the desired popularity in your niche. The website should run properly on Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and all others for easy accessibility. Do not make preference among web browsers; it does not help your online business.
  • Images
    Images can make your website look eye-catching and nice-looking. Make sure all the images you place on the website are properly formatted; they should not be too large or pixilated. You can adopt the standard resolution of 300dpi, be it on an ecommerce website or any other website for that matter. Making the image file smaller will make the ecommerce link easily accessible to the prospective client.
  • Conclusion
    With the 8 points described above, you will never get it wrong when designing your website. Try to adopt all the points and your website will gain more visitors and will also be able to retain the visitors and turn them into buyers for your online products.

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