Top 10 SEO Tips

There are a lot of people who would like to learn how to do SEO especially if they have a website that they would like to promote. SEO will make it easier for people to view their website and read its content. You may think that focusing on your website design will be enough to make people visit your site but this is not true. What features are important on a website anyway? You will get to know more about that as you read on.

Some people try to learn SEO on their own because they know that it is going to be expensive to hire an SEO expert. Some will argue that hiring an expert will be a great investment especially considering how the expert can help people get a lot of traffic in the long run. A website developer will not only help you with your website design, the person will allow frequently asked questions answered immediately.


If you are trying to learn how to do Search Engine Optimization on your own but you have already wasted a lot of time, effort and money doing sponsored ad campaigns, get to know the proper SEO tips now that will truly improve the results you get. Does your website need more customers? You can use these tips in order to achieve the results you want.

Tip #1: Always find the right keywords to use.

There are different keywords that you can place in your content that will help make your website one of the most searched in a particular niche. You cannot just choose random keywords that are mostly searched because you will get the ire of people who were redirected to your site that is not related at all to what they are looking for.

You need to invest a little bit on researching for the right keywords to use. You can find keywords that will translate to purchases from your sites and even leads. If you think that finding the right SEO keywords is still complicated, remember that there are different software that you can use that will help you find the right keywords in an easier manner. Most of these are free so you do not have to worry about paying for anything.

Web development is always important. If you would like to get the gist of finding the right keywords, you can always start with the category of your niche then slowly choose the one that works best for you. You will get suggestions and ideas along the way so do not forget to listen and to decide which ones you are going to use.

Tip #2: Make sure that your content is easy to link and share.

There will be no reason for people to share your content unless you have written something that they would love other people to know. A lot of people dislike reading articles. A lot of articles are made out of generic content that will not teach people new things anymore but from time to time, people will come across something that will open their eyes and make them more informed about something that they are researching about.

You need to create content that does not only talk about useful things, you also have to make sure that the content is not copied from elsewhere. People will feel the need to link to it and they will share it to people they know. To create useful content, remember these tips:

  • Add references and supportive facts.

  • Talk about a situation that a lot of people can relate to.

  • Include a video or images.

There are some people who create controversies so that they will be talked about. This is not recommended unless you want to be hated for the things that you share. At the same time, make sure that you have secure socket layers so you will not be putting your web visitors at risk every time they share your content to their friends.

Tip # 3: Place inbound links within the article.

You would like other websites to link to your website so that you will all be helping each other. This is a common goal for a lot of people but not everyone is able to achieve this. The more high quality links you are able to get, the more that people will visit your website.

The process for obtaining high quality links have changed steadily over the past years but there are still various processes that you have to follow. As long as your website exists and you are able to get high quality links, you will have the ability to get more people to visit your website effectively.

Tip # 4: Make sure that your website is functioning properly.

Even if you work on your content and people love visiting your website all over and over again, remember that they will not continue doing this if your website always lags whenever they try to enter. Your website should work like how a great machine should. Your website should immediately provide the proper response depending on what the visitor wants.

You need to make sure that your interface is clear and people know exactly what to click. You should also take note that a lot of people now search with the use of their mobile phones so you should optimize your website in such a way that it is mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly design will ensure that the load times will also be fast. If it would take more than 4 seconds before your website loads, expect that you are going to lose some customers this way.

You can double check your links and make sure that they are all working properly. It can be a problem when people click on a link at your website and they are redirected to a 404 link. It will be problematic too if they are linked to another website or page that they did not want to visit.

Tip # 5: Have the right title and Meta Tags.

When was the last time that you have paid attention to your title? A lot of people do not realize that this is important. The Meta tags and the titles should always be different for each page of your website. This will help search engine sites list down each page of your website differently depending on the keywords that people use to search.

There was a time when people also paid attention to Meta keywords but since the tips here should only be composed of new and current ideas in order to reach your SEO goals, you should not bother trying to use Meta keywords anymore. There are other things you can focus on for web development.

Tip # 6: Use subheadings.

One of the greatest mistakes that people do when they are trying to create awesome content is they end up dividing the content to so many parts that they will not be detected anymore. An SEO expert will tell you that It is best that you pay close attention to your H1 title as this will have an effect on your ranking in search engine sites. If you should add even more subheadings, add up to H6.

You need to make your first headline the most appealing one of all while the other headlines will be used to support the first headline that you created. The content that you will place for each subheading will depend on you but most people have a standard 400 words for each especially if the subheadings will be placed on different pages of the website.

Tip # 7: Optimize your presence depending on the place that you are in.

There are some people who search for businesses or services that are “near them.” If you are one of those businesses that can give them what they are searching for, your website will be one of the first ones that will be listed on search engine sites. This can be a problem if you have not established your presence yet through your website and search engine sites cannot dictate where you are currently located.

You need to have certain information available on your website that will inform people that you are near them such as the following:

  • A description about your business that has not been copied from another business.

  • Make sure that you will pick the right categories in order to categorize your business properly.

  • Place information about when your business is going to open and what you can offer.

  • Place images that are related to your business.

  • Place your other business information like your phone number and e-mail address.

Do not forget to update all of these details mentioned above whenever you need to do so.

Tip # 8: Have outbound links available.

Inbound links may be great in optimizing your website but you want people to also see the content of other people that may equally help them with the information that they need. You can place links for non-competitive websites.

You may think that you can just place any outbound link available that is totally unrelated to your content but this is not too recommended as it will only confuse people who visit your website. Let us say that you are selling some food products then suddenly, you would redirect people to gossip websites. It will make them confused and they might even think that your website should not be taken seriously.

What you should do instead is to find links of places that can be related to food but will not compete with you directly. For example, if you are selling meals but you do not offer desserts, you can link your website to another business that offers desserts. It can be a win-win situation for both of your establishments. This will help you establish good business relations with other websites and make it easier for visitors to plan what they are going to do next.

Tip # 9: You can become more active through your social media accounts.

Gone are the days when the only way that people can reach you is through your website. Right now, you can create your very own social media pages that people can follow whenever they want to get updated with your latest offers.

It is not enough that you have social media accounts though. You have to be active in these accounts so people will continue to check and visit. If you do not update for a long time, expect that they will lose interest in your business and your offerings.

It is through your social media accounts that you can start to offer some discount coupons or you can also inform your followers of certain promos so that they will feel more obliged to check out and visit what you can offer. You may need to pay closer attention to your Twitter account because there are certain keywords that people can type through Google search engine that will be linked to your Twitter account.

Tip # 10: Pay attention to your ALT Tags.

Are you aware of what ALT Tags are? These are the tags that you will imprint on the images and videos that you will be placing on your website. You need to add short descriptions for it to ensure that they are related and connected to the content of your web page. ALT actually stands for Alternative Text Descriptions.

The descriptions will be utilized by search engine websites so that your web page can appear on their search engine rankings. The better your ALT tags are, the better. You can increase the amount of opportunities available for your website to be found. The more that you increase your page ranking, the better it is going to be for you.

One thing that you should remember: You will not know if the efforts you have created on your website is effective unless you monitor the actual progress. If you see that it is truly helping you, continue with what you are doing and seek ways to improve your craft. You have to know if there is an increase with the number of visitors who have started visiting your website. If you do not have any knowledge with doing SEO, get to know how to choose a good SEO company to help you out.

You can get a quote from the SEO professionals that you want to hire. Do not just base your choice on the price of the services that they offer. Also check how many people they have helped through the years. The more established your website becomes, the better.

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