Business Website Design Services

For small businesses who would like to display name, address and phone numbers, Your business images staff etc. Comes complete with home page, contact page and one of your choice about us page or service page.
Business Website
  • 3 Page Website
  • Free Setup
  • Built on Wordpress
  • Bespoke Design
  • Monthly free back ups For 3 Months
  • Google Analytics Integration (free website statistics)
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • 3 months Support
  • Blog Included
  • SEO Friendly
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact Form

Not all companies providing website design can be trusted to deliver top quality. A website is not like just any website; a lot needs to be put into it if it is to deliver as expected quality. This is why you should only patronize a reliable service provider. Do not forget that your site is the meeting point between your business and your online customers. This is also the platform via which you get across to new clients. Therefore, everything to make the website functional and deliver as desired must be put in place.

Unique features of a good business website

Listed below are some of the features your new website should have:

  • The search engine optimisation must be up to date
  • The target audience should be identifiable
  • It should contain lead generation magnets, like white papers, free reports, and educational guides
  • The contact information must be displayed prominently
  • The Call-to-Action text must also be engaging and conspicuous
  • It should be very easy to navigate
  • It should be compatible with mobile devices; that is, it should be highly responsive.

Once the above is settled, and then you are ready to start an online business through your new website.

How to begin

If you are not a professional in website design, then it is better to get across to the professionals that have the required expertise to put a great website together for you. A good professional should keep all the points mentioned earlier into consideration while designing your website. It is important to carefully investigate the company providing business website design in your locality before giving the job to any of them. Find out if they have what it takes and if they have evidence to prove their reliability. If not, then you should consider another service provider with the right qualities.

Ask for samples

Before you give the task to any of the service providers out there, first ask them for samples of their past works. If the samples are not satisfactory, then it is better to do away with them and look for another reliable service provider. The site should portray your brand in good light. It should be well designed and depict you as a professional or expert in your niche. The choice of colours and images should be carefully made, same for the other contents on the website. If the samples presented by the service provider does not give you satisfaction about their reliability, then it is better to do away with the service provider and look for another.

What about cost?

Top quality services providers for good web design are not easy to come by. Be that as it may, you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to design a top quality website. You should focus on getting a service provider that can provide a top quality site at the highly affordable rate.

You should be careful when choosing an company offering website design. It is better to work with service providers in your locality if you can find such in your area; this will make monitoring very easy. Never forget to consider the turnaround time of the website designers before you give them the job; you can do without a service provider prone to delay in delivery.

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