Does the Speed of Your Website Matter – Make Your Website Load Faster

How to Make Your Website Load Faster

A lot of online shoppers are searching for the best way to get the products that they want. They would like to shop on a site that they can trust. There are various websites that are available but not all of them can offer the services that people would like to get. Almost 50% of people who check websites expect that their websites would load in about two seconds or less. If websites would not load as fast as they want, they would rather check out other similar websites instead.

A lot of people feel that websites are very frustrating when they are very slow. It is not only bad for the users but also for search engine optimization. Can you imagine if people would not be able to view your company site because your website does not appear on search sites? The load times of your website should be fast. Check the code of the site for more details.

Does the Speed of Your Website Matter?

The speed of your site will matter because a faster website means that you will have happier and more satisfied users. The more satisfied users are, the more productive people are going to be. There are also going to be more people who would spend more time browsing through different websites. Some of them are going to check out more products. They will probably purchase more products from you as well. One thing that you should remember is this: it does not matter too much if the design of your website is great if your website is not loading properly. You need to focus on user experience to make people want to check your site.

Site speed is one of the things that search engine sites look at when they want to rank websites. The slower your website is, the lower the chances that your website is going to be viewed by the right customers. You will probably suffer ranking penalties that will prohibit your site from being visited.

You need to realize that search sites are always looking for the right static websites that will provide the best static experience to users who are doing the right search. If your website is very slow, people will find it unbearable to view. Search sites wouldn’t recommend a site that works very slowly too.

Can You Check Your Website’s Speed?

How will you know if your website is fast enough? You cannot just base it on your very own experience when you are trying to check your website from your different gadgets. There are a few things that will affect how fast your website will load:

  • The gadgets that are being used. Newer gadgets will probably make websites load faster.
  • The internet speed of the user. Even if your website is fast, the internet speed will still dictate how fast or slow a website will load.
  • The code you use to optimize your site.

So how can you actually check the speed of your website? You need to be familiar with several tools that can be used. The following are nice to check out:

  • Pingdom
  • GTmetrix
  • YSlow

A lot of people would like to check Google’s PageSpeed Insights because this is one of the easiest tools to use. The results regarding your website’s speed will also be displayed clearly so that you will know what you should do in order to increase site speed.

If you have a site, you want to make sure that it will load faster. How are you going to do that? You need to know the code to make certain changes to your website. These are some of the tips that you can use:

1. Use the right images.

You want to know how to make your site load faster and using the right images will definitely help. There are adaptive images that you can use to increase the overall speed of your web page. Use the right tools to improve the overall bandwidth of the image before uploading it on your site. Do you know that 60% of the site’s speed will depend on the images that you will place? One thing to remember: make sure that the quality of the image will not suffer when you change the image size.

These are some of the things that you can do to optimize the images and code that you will place on your site:

  • Change the resolution so that the file size can also become smaller.
  • Compress the picture.
  • Crop the picture so that you can edit the parts that are not needed.

Do remember that if you plan on making some changes to your images, you would need to use premium tools. There are some tools that can be accessed online. There are also some that you can download on your computer like Photoshop.

2. Do not forget to cache.

Some site owners forget to cache and this can make their site load very slowly whenever their users check the site. When the browser caches, the speed of your page will also improve a lot. Through the cache, the cached version of the web page will be the one that will appear on screen until the site becomes updated. This can greatly reduce the number of recommendations that your site gets which will lead to a faster speed.

3. Check if you are using the right plugins.

Having plugins are known to improve the quality of your website. What if you are using the wrong plugins from the shared hosting plan that you are using? You may end up having some issues whenever you try to check out your site. Choose from the different plugins that are available. If you find some plugins sketchy, do not bother downloading them anymore. They may cause more harm to the gadget that you are using. Do you have some outdated plugins? Now is the time to remove them or update them so that they will not make your site load slower than usual.

These are some things to remember to help you decide if you should keep the plugins that you have in WordPress or not:

  • Delete it if you do not use the plugin anymore.
  • The plugin is not doing what it intends to do.
  • There are other newer and faster plugins that can be used instead.

Old plugins that are not updated can also make your WordPress-powered site less secure than you would want. If people feel that they cannot trust your website, they would not bother checking out what you can offer anymore.

4. Compress your content.

You can find different web servers now that will use GZIP. GZIP will allow your content to be properly compressed and still viewed by people clearly. There are some compressor services that you can get from various websites online. The content that people would view will still be informative but it will not take up as much memory space as you have probably expected. User experience will be affected when you like the content that you put up.

5. Consider the web hosting plan that you are using.

When was the last time that you have upgraded your web hosting plan in WordPress? Take a look at your server now and you will probably make certain improvements. Most site owners would use cheap shared hosting plans with a simple code especially when they are just starting out. They do not want to spend too much money on their websites.

As your static site starts to improve and you start to place some more content and images, the site will become even slower. The best thing that you can do now is to check the hosting plan options that are available for you. Check the code that you need. Most website owners would choose to upgrade to VPN if they already have enough budget for a faster website.

6. Learn more about HTTP Requests

What do you know about HTTP requests? HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Basically, this means that your computer would like to get a request for a certain file. The web server will be in charge of providing the file. When there are too many static persuances that are available, the rate of your site will definitely slow down.

There are some tools that you can use that can help analyze the different HTTP requests. They will be arranged depending on the size of the request and how long it would take for the requests to load. You can see which requests are making your website slower than usual.

7. Optimize the Javascript files and CSS files.

There are two things that you can do to effectively optimize your CSS and Javascript. The first one is to do minification and the second one is to do gzipping. Doing these things can improve load time. Minification is the process wherein you would be removing things that are unnecessary from your website. For instance, you do not feel that comments are necessary, through the process of minification, these things can be removed. Whitespace may also be removed especially when they are not needed.

Gzipping means that all of the things that are repetitive within the site will be utilized and removed. These two things can be done together to ensure that all of your files will be properly optimized. Just remember that you cannot use Gzipping when you are not using a server. The load time of the site will be improved when you optimize Javascript and CSS.

Become familiar with the various tools that you should use to do the two ways to optimize your JS and CSS files. You can check some static plugins especially those that are new for more details.

8. Remove potential website baggage.

There are different items within your site that can be considered as baggage. Some of them have already been discussed earlier. A plugin that is not being used is a prime example of baggage. It is not doing anything for your site aside from making your website slower.

There are still other types of baggage that you need to know that may be causing some issues with the way that your site loads:

  • Codes that are meant to provide some quick fixes but did not work the way that you wanted them to.
  • The database of your site has already become so massive because of the orders and requests that you are getting from the users.
  • There are too many backups that are done.
  • Some of the saved content and images that have been posted on the site have been changed and edited multiple times.

In order to remove the excess baggage from your site, you need to make some changes manually. Some of the automatic optimizations that you can do may not be able to clean your website as cleanly as you would like. You should also remove some spam comments that are only making your website load slower. If there are media files that are too large, upload them externally. The load time will become significantly improved.

9. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) can be very helpful.

The CDN is considered to be an advanced thing to do. Some beginners would rather leave this to the professionals. They would rather spend money to hire professionals who will know exactly how to use it.

A CDN will make sure that the web content that people need may be sent according to their location. There are some items in various parts of the world that are more popular as compared to others. The web content will provide the information that people are looking for at the right time. Can you imagine if you have some web content that are meant for people in the US but they are being viewed by those who are in Thailand? The things that are part of the content may not be interesting to those who are reading it. What would be the result of this? People would not bother checking your website anymore. If they feel that your website will not be able to solve their problems, they would not bother trying to know more about what you are offering to them.

These are the things that you can place on your CDN:

  • CSS Files
  • JS Files
  • PDF Files
  • Videos
  • Images

It may seem great to use CDN, right? You need to know the right code to ensure that you can utilizde this. The main issue with this is it can be very expensive. When you do not have enough budget for this yet but you are dedicated, you can use the other tips mentioned above. These tips will still be helpful in improving the speed of your website.


There are obviously many things that you can do in order to increase the speed of your site. The faster that your WordPress website loads, the more that people will try to look into what you can offer. Optimize the speed of your site soon and you will start to see the difference. A dedicated website owner will have a website that will be appreciated by your target users especially if the load times are fast.

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