10 Common Mistakes in SEO

For those people who are new to Search Engine Optimation (SEO) commonly make mistake. There are many possible reasons why an average person is having trouble in coping and using the SEO. Some of them may not know the basic practices of SEO, or some of them may thoroughly understand the SEO itself.

Through the years the SEO has been known as one of the quickest and fast in upgrading and changing field of industry. It is so fast that some practices may work a few weeks ago but may not work in the present day. So it is really a must to stay educated and keep updated and informed to the changes in the SEO developments.

Here is the list of the 10 SEO common mistakes that most people usually do, and how to avoid those things to boost the quality and traffic of your works in your website.

10 SEO common mistakes in SEO

#1 Mistake: Using the Wrong Keywords

Most people don’t know how to use and find the right keywords for their works. Some of them think that whenever they use some keyword tool is cheating, but that is one of the biggest mistakes that experts in SEO still do sometimes. Choosing the suitable keyword for your piece is very crucial because this one can break or make your work. By checking the keywords in your work, this can make your content easier to understand by the search engines and it will make your work more relevant.

Do not focus on putting the most common and popular keywords only, because it is will not get the traffic that you expect it to achieve. Having a good and high traffic keyword is like battling in an Iron fist tournament because of the high competition it has. You may want to use long tail keywords that are now known to be the best keywords to have a high traffic in an easier and convenient way for you.

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#2 Mistake: Not optimized for mobile users

In the year 2018, people usually use their mobile phone to search and browse the internet. There are almost 70% people that use their phones in browsing instead of using their laptops or computer desktops and this highly affects the traffic in any website. Because of this matter, it is now a vital role to make sure that the website that you have can be possible to access and optimized for the mobile users. Being sure that your work is mobile responsive and it is mobile friendly will help you to increase traffic to your website. The voice assistants also started to have an effect in the keyword field, and because of it, you may also want to develop voice searches that typically uses long keywords to be ahead of the game. And having an optimized website for mobile will also help you to have a great ranking on Google, a good Google rank is equal to a high traffic on your site.

The fast changing technology that we have now drives millions of people to relay and depend on their phone in doing tons of things and tasks for their everyday life. Thus, neglecting the fact that phones are now mostly used by people in terms of searching and browsing will be the death of your website.

#3 Mistake: Not having internal or external relevant links

When your website got your audience attracted to your works, it will be the trigger for them to see and know more. Your audience that has been captivated by your content will be very interested and probably will search more. You should think ahead of time and have an advanced way of thinking about your game plan. You should install relevant and helpful internal links in your contents. This will also inform them that you have more contents and works to offer for them. You can look for the opportunities to link your contents to each other on your site.

And just like including relevant internal links in your content, having an external relevant link is also important. Many people think that putting external links in their content is a mistake but the truth is having no external link is the real mistake. This will give your audience more helpful and relevant contents that they might need, and be putting external relevant links that are helpful will give credibility to the audience and to the search engines.

But do not just give relevant external links to your users without putting an easy access for them to go back to your content or stay engaged with your website. Also, use different variations of keywords to enlarge the visibility of your content.

#4 Mistake: Not having great and unique descriptions and title tags

Not having great and unique descriptions and title tags

This will be the greatest mistake in SEO that is commonly faced by tons of people around the world. Having the website pages under the same name or title is a big mistake. Make sure that every title in every page of your website is different and unique from each other. This will lessen the confusions of your audience and it will give a great look at your website that will possibly be another reason to have a high traffic on your site. You should not also put and include the name of your website in the title pages, the website name is better if you keep it on the homepage only and not in all the pages in your website. And if you are used to having long page titles, you should stop it right here, right now. Make sure that you have at least less than 65 characters in your page title, this will make your page more attractive. Make it short but powerful, concise and informative to captivate tons of audience to visit your website and create high traffic for your content.

In term of your description in your website, you should keep it straight to the point and unique. it is recommended to have to have 160 characters or less in your descriptions. A great description is another way to get you increased click through rate and will deliver high traffic in your website if the content has the ideas and details in your descriptions.

#5 Mistake: Lack of image optimation

Most of the people nowadays enjoy learning using images and not just words. Some studies show that people in our society most likely to read contents that are in an “F” pattern. When people see tons of blocks of words without any pictures or illustration, they tend to look at it as a boring content without trying to read few lines in it. It is a real turn off to the readers if it all words and no image to look on to or to help to visualize the content. This matter largely affects the mobile users.

Images are also needed to be optimized because this offers your website the high number of traffic that is coming from the image search results of the search engines. Make sure the images you use will not have any copyright issue and that the images that you will attach in your page are really relevant to the content that you have.

#6 Mistake: Having common and outdated content

Aside from putting images in your content, you must never forget to create high-quality contents. This will give your website a good review and will encourage your audience to go back to your website to know more and to read more of your contents. Always remember that creating the body of your content is very crucial and important for your pages and website and you should make sure that the contents that you have are informative, insightful and accurate, also remember to pick a topic that is useful to the audience that you have and the audience that you are targeting.

Aside from creating unique and high-quality content, you may also want to update some of the contents that you did maybe a year or months ago. Check your past works regularly and update the details that your content has to keep it alive and still running in the track of time. You can update the keywords in your past works and maybe change and cope the content to the present year. This may not look very important but updating your old contents may be your race card and will give you the momentum to have high traffic on your website.

#7 Mistake: Search Engine Knowledge is outdated

Every single website should always make sure that they are in the trend of the most recent knowledge and information. Aside from putting unique contents make sure that the content
you are creating is up to date issues or information. Like for the Google, they implemented
algorithms in their system to help the people to find tons of options of results for the thing that they are looking for. All website owners must keep their websites updated on the changes and trends of the platform that they are working

#8 Mistake: Slow loading time of your website

Slow loading time of your website

One of the biggest reason for people to stop visiting different sites is that the website they are trying to enter is very slow to load. This is the very first thing that makes the traffic on your website low. People would not spend their 15 seconds waiting for a page to load, and they commonly avoid to visit the website again after they experience the slow loading of a certain site. It is not prohibited to use a speed tool for your content, so do not think twice and manage to optimize the loading speed of your website to boost your traffic. Once the audience acknowledges your site for being fast and user-friendly, they might be a walking advertisement for your website and will potentially increase the traffic in your pages.

#9 Mistake: Targeting high quantity than focus in on high-quality content

You may post contents every day but are the quality of each work that you have are still in a high phase? You must avoid having similar topics or content in your websites, this includes having similar meta descriptions and tags in your pages. You can publish every other day giving your audience high-quality contents that are greatly informative and updated. Do not ever think that outnumbering other website owners will be the key to your success. Quality is always been better than quantity.
Having gaps in your contents may able you to analyze your works and will allow you to think of more topics that are the trend. This can also enable you to come up with a great content result because you take the time to review it and revise it when you think it needs to be fixed.

#10 Mistake: Not including important technical practices and fundamentals
This may be the last on the list but do not think that this is not important. The technical practices and fundamentals play a vital role in SEO. These technical fundamentals include the site structure, backlink, crawlability and putting HTTPS. The site structure is about ensuring that the core of your contents has its own page that is optimized and you should never put all your contents in a single page on your website. In terms of the backlink, having a great backlink will help your website to be trusted by the search engines. Having a trusted site will help you to get a high rank in the results of the search engines and will give high traffic to your website. And the crawlability is about making sure that the website that you have is not blocked by the search engine. Lastly, having HTTPS proves that your website can be trusted and it is secure to visit.

Websites that are not trusted by the search engines will get penalized or blocked by the system. Make sure to create a trustworthy site and never buy links or domain baits. Not trusted sites are more often labeled as low-quality sites and if you have a low-quality site sooner or later this will be acknowledged by the search engine as spam.

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